Monday, April 16, 2012

You Bad, Bad Black People


Nothing burns me up more than stereotypes. Why? Because I recognize the danger in them. You would think that an educated Fire Captain would recognized that too and not buy into them, but apparently Captain Brian Beckmann of Miami Dade Firefighters believes in them enough to make this statement regarding Trayvon's parents:

"Failed, shitbag, ignorant parents" are to blame in cases like the shooting death of unarmed Miami teen Trayvon Martin"~~Captain Brian Beckman~~

Some people lack compassion for others in their hour of grief. These people are still grieving over the loss of their child. I've lived a long time, but I never thought the day would come when people would say some of the cruelest things in situations where families are grieving over their loved ones. Some folks don't even allow families to grieve in peace anymore. They'd rather pile on more hurt and pain.

Okie dokie!  So, I wonder if the good Captain can tell us what type of parents George Zimmerman has?

While he is at it, I wonder if he could tell us what type of parents Representative Allen West has?   Because West is crazier than a road lizard.  It's obvious every time he opens his mouth.   I'm waiting on his scandal to come out. 

Well, for the umpteenth time, the Senate plans to bring a bill to the Senate and discuss racial profiling.  Good luck with that considering the makeup of the House of Representatives.


James L. said...

Racial profiling is common sense, Granny.

Would you outlaw "gender profiling" if you were looking for a rapist?

As long as profiling isn't abused in order hassle innocent people, I'm all for it.

Mildred said...

Appalling, especially since it comes from a senior public servant. I'm not surprised, however. This kind of open contempt and disregard seems to be becoming the status quo.

That being said, it is important that this and other cracks not disrupt us from pursuing justice and empowerment.

Val said...

I hope that fire Captain loses his job.

This country definitely needs to do something about racial profiling. Especially in New York City, the NYPD doesn't even try to hide that they profile.

Redeye said...

I wonder what kind of parents Brian Beckman has/had?

Welcome back Granny!

Stece said...

Every single person who lives in a diverse part of the country racially profiles every other pedestrian as he walks down the street at night. Jesse Jackson notoriously admitted that he does exactly that - and sighs with relief when he finds that the footsteps following him don't belong to a young black male.

The reason we all do this is simple: African Americans commit far more violent crimes than anybody else. For example, according to official Clinton Administration statistics, in 1998 on a per capita basis blacks were seven times more murderous than whites. Per the latest DOJ stats, this is now up to 8 times.

Let me ask you this: Is it shameful for one sex to profile the other sex while walking down the street late at night with little security around? Is it a violation of our most sacred beliefs in gender equality that, for example, I try to make women walking late at night on an empty street feel less nervous by the presence of a strange man by my, say, crossing to the other side of the street, or by my walking on the far edge of the sidewalk out of arm's reach of them when passing them? Should I be deeply insulted that these good manners are appreciated? Should I nurse a deep sense of rage over how these women are, subconsciously profiling me as a possible violent crime threat to themselves based solely on my accident of birth as a man?

On the other hand, on a busy, safe afternoon in broad daylight, would I resent it if a woman expected me to inconvenience myself by crossing the street? Sure.

Politeness suggests different behaviors for different people in different situations. Moreover, I also believe in political responses: treat rape as a serious crime, have the police hassle gangs of men who make weird sucking noises at women as they walk by, and so forth. Of course, much of the response to allowing Women to Take Back the Night involves racial profiling and other police tactics with disparate impact.

The liberal response is that to point out conflicting interests between liberalism's sacralized victim groups is crimethink, so we should all engage in protective stupidity.

Anonymous said...

negroes are the most criminal, violent race that has ever been. It's only natural to be suspicious of them. Granny herself often makes violent threats on the internet.

GrannyDaCriminal said...

My bruthas and sistas, let us all join with Granny in a "Million Sheboons for Trayvon" march.

Anonymous said...

Granny, does this post mean that you are back to posting regularly or is this just to confuse us?

Brian Beckman speaks my sentiment exactly about a lot of the NON-parenting of kids in East Oakland. They are dangerous and make this city very unsafe.

did you know that Oakland ranks #1 in killings? I don't blame people for being afraid of bm. Heck, even Blacks are afraid of bm.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

James, the problem is that profiling is abused and for some reason only targets people of color. Let me give you an example of something that happened yesterday. A middle age, black man was sitting on a bench in front of a store minding his own business. The man said he was resting because he was tired. A white man came along and just sprayed the man with mace. The black man had the store to call the police. Five police cars showed up, but they went straight to the black man and handcuffed him and he was the victim. When the people in the store told the police that the black man was the victim. But they did not arrest the white man or handcuff him. They stood there for a minute talking and left. That was considered an assault.

Mildred, I'm not surprise. If the head is sick, the whole body is sick. There are a lot of sick-minded people out there now. Take a look at some of the comments on here.

Val, I pray that he is demoted because that would humble him.

Redeye, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh sure, Granny, that story about the bench really did happen... it's not as if hate-mongering black racists tell tall tales to incite anti-white hatred. What a twisted mind you have, not even your (10) readers believe that one.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous, I feel sorry for you. You are so consumed in your hate that your obsessed with paranoia. I'm still praying for you though.

I don't care if you believe the story or not because I know for a fact that it really did happen.

Your mind is so messed up and you are so delusional.

That's funny you calling someone a racist and you've done nothing but spout out hate filled words. So, now we know who the real racist is don't we--YOU!

Nevertheless, please continue showing your uncivilized, racist, and hate-filled ass. You're only demonstrating to others what we already knew about you all the time.

Brutha Negro said...

it's not fair to criticize granny for being a violent uncivilized ape. Black people can't be civilized, it's not their fault that they were taken unwillingly out of the jungle. If blacks can't brag about being violent apes, then they have nothing else to brag about. Be reasonable.

Granny, will you be attending the negro riots that will break out when Zimmerman gets a hung jury or will you only be inciting the violence from afar as usual? What did you do after the Duke LaCrosse victims didn't get lynched?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it. How can so many people comment on this blog? what's so special about Granny?