Friday, August 27, 2010

Segregated School Elections

Nettleton Middle School 2010-2011 must be having a little fit of  nostalgia for the days when they  discouraged black children from working towards the career of their choice and delegated them to certain menial positions. Back in the good old days of segregation they encouraged whites to reach for the sky in their choice of occupation. However, blacks were told that they could only be maids, cooks, and chauffeurs, etc.  Black children were told that they could never be anything other than in servile positions.

Brandy Springer, a mother of four mixed-race children in Nettleton, Miss., complained that her 12-year-old daughter couldn't run for class reporter because she wasn't the right race.~~The Associated Press as well as's Ryan McCartney and NBC News' Carlo Dellaverson contributed to this report.~~

Looks like Nettleton Middle School is regressing back in the past.  The school was trying to exercise a stragedy created 30 years ago that was supposed to create equality.  However, I wouldn't exactly label it one that creates equality because it has a catch 22 to it.   It mirrors the black only and white only signs they used to have in public places such as restrooms and water fountains. looks like some things just stay the same.


Black Diaspora said...

Granny, they used to own the presidency, and before that commercial pilots licenses, and before that the keys to the kingdom and before that....

Now, our eyes have seen the glory...and there's no holding us back.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen Diaspora!

Anonymous said...

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