Monday, October 4, 2010

Above the Law

When a victim gets the time and the predator gets probation, it's time to do some spring cleaning. 

A fifteen year old girl was raped by a juvenile counselor.  He got probation and she was sentenced to a year in juvenile for a minor offense.  However, this is not his first sexual offense involving a minor. Are people employed in law enforcement above the law?  In order to escape a jail sentence for a crime nowadays all you have to be is a law enforcement employee and you can commit serious crimes from murder to rape and not worry about going to jail or prison. 

A federal judge was busted for cocaine and guns.  Apparently, his stripper snitched on him. But the Judge doesn't have to worry because his case will be dismissed and he'll get a slap on the wrist because his attorney William Morrison presented this argument in his defense:

"This is really a case between Judge Camp and his wife," said Morrison. "It's not about Judge Camp being a judge. It's about him being a husband."~~Greg Bluestein, Huffingtonpost~~

Do y'all get it?  In other words, this is not a criminal case.  Naaah...this is a personal matter between him and his wife.  Where was Morrison at when President Clinton needed him? 

There are some good folks in law enforcement, but the only thing is when they expose those who aren't they lose their jobs.

"Before that settlement, the judge issued the pretrial ruling that described how Seifert was pressured to play along with a cover-up that started soon after the crash. Officers at the crash scene failed to report or photograph Bowling’s injuries or report what witnesses said, the judge wrote." ~~JOE LAMBE -The Kansas City Star~

"Instead, Police Officer Robert Lane told Bowling he was going to jail because DEA agents “do pretty much whatever they want,” the judge wrote."~~JOE LAMBE -The Kansas City Star~

 "After Seifert spoke to Bowling in jail, though, the detective told a boss that internal affairs should take the case instead. Seifert got it anyway and called Lane to ask why there were no witness reports." ~~JOE LAMBE -The Kansas City Star~

“It would look bad for DEA agents,” Lane replied, according to the judge’s report, adding that police “should cover for them.” ~~JOE LAMBE -The Kansas City Star~ one can accuse law enforcement folks of not sticking together and covering each others backs when they break the law.  Law enforcment people practice that "no snitch" policy too. After all, who wants to be added to the high unemployment rate statistics. Jobs are hard to come by nowadays. The way things have been going on the jobs front you never know when they might start outsourcing law enforcement jobs too.  I'm just saying.


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