Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Sometimes Anonymous people take their BS a little bit too far.  An Anonymous person is expressing their disappointment with the government by paying for a billboard sign whose main ingredients consist of four Ds...disrespectful, degrading, denigrating, and downright ignorant.

"Snover says the picture shows what some call Mr. Obama's four faces."~~Don Coleman,

"He's depicted as a terrorist, a mobster, an illegal immigrant, and a gay man as he gambles with different values that America stands for."~~Don Coleman,

I'd like to know what values the President has gambled away.  If the two men behind this billboard sign consider racism, lies, eliminating public schools, outsourcing jobs, banks & mortgage companies cheating people out of their homes; robbing the working class and poor to give to the rich as values Americans stand for.  I am ashamed to be called an American.

President Obama has presented himself as totally refined gentleman since he came on the political scene who possesses class as well as charisma.  The President has demonstrated that he is well-mannered and intelligent.  Never once has he demonstrated any of the ugly, nasty, and racist behavior that the rightwing folks have shown us since the elections in 2009.  He has held his cool even though he walked into a big mess created by his predecessor and his cronies.

If the artist had any lick of sense, he would have been trying to draw and paint those retarded imbeciles on the right some brains because Lord knows they are lacking in that department.  Nevertheless, look at it this way.  In their attempt to paint the President in a negative way, they've put their racism on display in full plain view for all to see. Those rightwing folks just don't know when to quit do they?


Devona said...

This is the extend to what they have to say. Because they do not have anything intelligent or of substance to say. They have no tangible or feasible ideas or plan of action to move America forward. They do not have a true platform to run on; so they attack the character of their opponents. It's beyond juvenile. And we wonder why we have a "bullying problem" in our schools.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Devona, I totally agree with you. You summed it up neatly and nicely.

Black Diaspora said...

Here's the tragedy, Granny, a lot of people ride by this billboard and nod their assent.

It's no way near truth, but that doesn't matter--Fox News is thinking for them, Rush Limbaugh is feeling for them, and the rest on the Right, well, they're telling them what to experience.

These people aren't people any longer, they're puppets. They gave up being people when they surrendered their brain, without resistance, or a critical thought in their head, to these puppet masters.

My sister and her husband are two of them.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with voicing one's opinion on a billboard. People from Colorado believe what they believe and that's that. So ther is no use in whining about it. Come November 2, you will see a BIG change in Congress. It's time for a REAL change.

And in 2012 there will be another REAL change. You should listen to Juan Williams brilliant analysis on this.