Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Burn, Baby Burn!

Well...Tennessee has come up with a new way to punish people who don't pay their bills.  Yup! Burn, baby, burn.

The firemen watched this man's house burn down to the ground and didn't lift a finger to save it.  The firemen didn't even splash a bucket of water on it.  Gone are all of this man and his families possession, their pets, and the house.  The bill was only $75. 

In case of failure to pay a bill does this  apply if people are trapped in the burning house too? I pray that this policy does not spread to any other states.  However, leave it up to Glen Beck and those crazy folks on the right it could happen.  According to Glen you don't want your neighbor sponging water off you that you've paid for to put out his fire. Who cares if his house is burning down.  He should have paid his bill.  Smh!

I pray that this man and his family are blessed with a better house and more than he had before.

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Black Diaspora said...

Granny, I almost blog about this incident. It was an egregiously selfish act, but definitely in keeping with today's political theme: "Don't look to the government to solve your problems in times of woe."

This man, his family, his three dogs, and a cat learned this the hard way.