Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Handouts Are Fine and Dandy If Your Wealthy

More and more those on the right of the political arena are falsely spitting out those old traditional stereotypes of lazy, incompetent, inferior blacks as a distraction to stop people from talking about those wealthy folks who are really on the receiving end of HANDOUTS.  One of their favorite distractions is that ALL blacks want are handouts. Nope, all blacks want are jobs, so where are the jobs?
President Bush bailed out the Savings & Loans industry with $500 billion of the taxpayer's money -- enough to fund 20 years of federal AFDC. ~~Steve Kangas~~
The faultiness in that logic is that there are just as many blacks, if not more, standing in those job recruiting lines as whites, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos’ because the unemployment rate is more higher among black Americans than any other group of people.  However, those on the right want to keep up with the false pretense that it’s those lazy, incompetent, inferior black folks.  Not those tax dodging Corporations!

When the office of President was held by ex-President Reagan, we were bombarded with stories of black welfare queens driving a Cadillacs and the “Welfare Queen Myth."  Even though, that was an outright lie because none existed!  In fact, there were more whites on welfare than blacks.   Nevertheless, single mothers in all color groups with children were struggling to make food in the house stretch until the next month without much success. They were told to stock up on peanut butter and make sandwiches and lectured on eating healthy with less resources to do so, which was an insult that would help create the next attack on the poor.
Those on the right and some on the left can continue to fabricate that story about entitlements being the cause of a bad economy, but they know who the real culprits are and how Corporate Welfare culture rose.   In addition, Congress knows what welfare reform resulted in, but some folks when it comes to money do not have a conscience, especially if they are possibly sharing in the loot.  An example of a single poor mother's job search:

"But her spirits soon took a blow as she launched her search for work. At an interview for a restaurant job, her status as a single mother quickly emerged as a disqualifier, she said."~~Janell Ross, Black Voices~~
“The manager just told me, ‘Why would I hire you when I have like 10 people with college degrees and no children who want this job?’” she recalled. “’They aren’t going to need to leave when there is a problem with day care.’ That really opened my eyes. I didn't stop looking, but I kind of knew I might not find anything.”~~Janell Ross, Black Voices~~
Nevertheless, the Congress would rather snatch the crumbs of food out the mouth of the poor than to even suggest that the rich cut down on their caviar or lobsters. The poor do not have lobbyist to dangle carrots in any of the Congressperson's face as an incentive to fight in their behalf.  Of course, now the GOP is targeting grandma and grandpa who have already had their cost of living raise frozen since 2009.  Yet, the cost of living in America hasn't stop rising.
Americans are beginning to wake up and realize that "We the People" excludes the poor and middleclass and has changed to "We the Corporations."


Anonymous said...

"Americans are beginning to wake up and realize that "We the People" excludes the poor and middleclass and has changed to "We the Corporations.""

Well, let's see if Obama will make a difference. Thus far, he has made things worse, esp for Blacks. Fortunately, 'some' Blacks are waking up to the reality that Obama is for Wall Street and the rich. He is very much like Reagan.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Rick Perry is a bigot? I have yet to hear ONE black Texan call Perry a racist or a bad Governor. They have remained quiet which indicates that either they are afraid or Perry is ok with them.

BTW, do you know why our folks in Texas hardly EVER say anything? It seems they have a plantation mentality.

Black Diaspora said...

Granny, you've been busy: I've a lot reading to catch up on.

Tonight, I talked with a friend that I haven't seen for a while. She tells me that her laid-off son was out of work for a year and half, before finding work again.

He's one of the luck ones. Other seeker aren't as fortunate.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Black Diaspora:

One of my daughters was laid off for a while too because her job had closed down, but she is back at work. My daughter-in-law was off for a while because she had changed jobs, but she is back working too. God is good and prayer does change things if only you believe.

I'm still working on my book, but I had to start all over again. A few things came up that I wasn't aware of, so I'm trying to get that information. I'll email and tell you about it.

Black Diaspora said...

"I'll email and tell you about it."

I'm looking forward to it, Granny.

Anonymous said...

Granny, fyi...please listen to this:

Anonymous said...

granny, when you listen to the above, I would like to know what your opinion is, regarding the possible Evangelican connection to Perry.