Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes A Pictures Speaks A Million Words


Concernedcitizen said...

Bachmann's farm income, according to Bachmann's disclosures
By: Maggie Haberman
June 26, 2011 06:49 PM EDT

The Los Angeles times did a lengthy takeout on Michele Bachmann's income from government and farm subsidies, a piece that prompted questions from Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace during the congresswoman's announcement-eve appearance today.

Bachmann insisted that the family farm in question never profited her direct family.

"Number two, regarding the farm, the farm is my father-in-law's farm. It's not my husband and my farm. It's my father-in-law's farm. And my husband and I have never gotten a penny of money from the farm," Bachmann said.

But her financial disclosures in 2009 and 2010 show her getting between $15,000 and $50,000 from the Bachmann Family Farm LP.

The farm got north of $250,000 in government subsidies, according to reports.

To Bachmann's fans, such questions likely won't matter. But such moments easily become fare for a rival's ads.

UPDATE: "I have answered reporter inquiries before about Rep Bachmann and farm subsidies. The farm has belonged to her in-laws and has been operated by them. They made all decisions concerning subsidies. Rep. Bachmann and her husband have not received any financial benefit from the farm."

A senior Bachmann adviser said the farm was put into a trust to allow for succession years ago, and that despite her being "formally listed as a beneficiary from the farm," that income goes to her mother-in-law.

Roderick said...

Allen West: I Am The Modern Day Harriet Tubman

Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said Wednesday that he is "the modern day Harriet Tubman" leading people away from the plantation, which is overseen by "perceived leaders in the black community" like Jesse Jackson who bow to the wishes of white liberals.

During an appearance on Fox News' "The O’Reilly Factor," West said black Democrats have consistently failed to address high unemployment in the black community and, in the meantime, continue to take black votes for granted come election time.

"So you have this 21st Century plantation ... where the Democrat party has forever taken the black vote for granted, and you have established certain black leaders who are nothing more than the overseers of that plantation," West said. "And now the people on that plantation are upset because they’ve been disregarded, disrespected and their concerns are not cared about."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

By Adam Weinstein
| Wed Aug. 17, 2011 3:00 AM PDT

President Obama salutes service members after they became naturalized US citizens at the White House in April 2010. US Army[UPDATE: It turns out Staff Sgt. Moran misrepresented himself as "AWOL" or missing work; he's actually on approved leave pending separation from the service...for mental health issues, according to his own account. See the full update below.]

It seems so mundane it shouldn't qualify as news: A mid-echelon Air Force enlistee is staging a sick-in from his job as an ophthalmology technician on a medical base in Germany. But Staff Sgt. Daryn J. Moran's decision to go AWOL this week is getting some attention among conservatives in the United States. "My stated goal," he tweeted Saturday, "is to have B. Obama held responsible for his forged birth certificate and not be in the Oval Office for the next election." He later added, "Now it's plain and simple. Arrest B. Obama or arrest me. I'm waiting in my house."

Birther service members have come and gone since Obama's election, but Moran is different in two big respects: He's the first active-duty, overseas-serving veteran to refuse to serve; and rather than pursuing legal means, he's taking his angry case to the airwaves and internet. A self-professed conservative Christian, he has called in to a birther web show (see the video below), sent multiple emails to the site, vented on a Twitter account, and ultimately been profiled by his hometown newspaper, the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. (In that article, Moran's father—also an Air Force vet—defends the birther ideal. "Quite frankly, my son is right," he says.)
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Those activities may give Moran bigger problems than shirking his sworn duties. Under Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, service members can be court-martialed for speaking against elected or appointed US leaders with language that's "insulting, rude, disdainful or otherwise disrespectfully attributing to another qualities of meanness, disreputableness, or worthlessness." Another rule, Article 134, bars speech that's "prejudicial to good order and discipline." Moran's public posts on the conservative bulletin board Red County could arguably qualify on both counts; they show that, rather than taking a principled constitutional stand, the airman has an intense enmity for Obama:


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

In a May 5 post titled "Obama is a coward and a liar," Moran wrote: "If we continue under such cowardly, lying, wimpy leadership, the enemies of America will be successful. By the way, your sharia, koran, muslim, islam loving gig is up. Burying that creep bin Laden with religious honors is traitorous to Americans...Maybe you are on the wrong side, huh?"
In "Question of trust" on May 3, Moran wrote a list of Obama's perceived un-American activities, writing (among other things) that the commander in chief "made bogus claims that America is not a Christian-founded nation, and had some illusional Islamic heritage," "signed a law condoning the sin of the gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual lifestyles and forced that upon all the regular families in the military," and was born to a father who "was a Muslim who mistreated women."
Writing about a "60 Minutes interview" with Obama on May 10, Moran said of the president: "that look in his face was just scary to see. Evil eyes. His face was beyond belief. I felt so many emotions both coming from his dark eyes and as I looked into his eyes. Completely unnerving...I have no faith in that man, and much dread about him."
On May 8, Moran called the president "the stupid one" and wrote: "Either the President, and I use that word loosely, is smoking crack or however it's are no more welcome in America than the Muslims you protect are. Get OUT obama, and take the creepy Muslims with you!!"
There's a third difference between Moran and previous military birthers, of course: He's the first to insist on Obama's foreignness after the president deigned to release his birth certificate to the public, back in April. In publicizing his long-form birth certificate, the president hoped to finally dispel criticisms that he might not be a natural-born US citizen. "We do not have time for this kind of silliness," he told reporters at the time.

Moran, though, is steadfast in his conviction that the public birth certificate is a fake. "B. Obama is a criminal," he wrote Saturday, adding: "That's as simple as it gets. My wife doesn't like me to use the word 'enemy', but he acts like one, so why not? Anyway, arrest him or me." Yet the airman insists his crusade isn't racially motivated. "There's no such thing as racism as far as I'm concerned. There's people and hate and kindness," he wrote elsewhere on Red County.

He added: "It's easy to see who is kind and who hates."