Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stealing A Dollar Out of Fifteen Cents

Never in a million years would I have thought that the day would come when Congress would steal a dollar out of fifteen cents. However, that is exactly what they’ve done with the new debt deal and the people let them.  After all the poor and elderly barely have fifteen cents or a pot to piss in. I guess the pot to piss in will be next on the agenda after they finish stealing grandma and grandpa’s checks and subtle senior citizen genocide.
The Republicans have gone out of their way to make the rich wealthier and keep them happy.  While the poor and newly poor (unemployed middle class) well… Congress does not give two hoots about them because they don’t have enough moola or any high paying jobs to offer those Congresspersons when their term is up.  Maybe, the Congress perceives only the rich as real Americans and all others as refugees because they act like our votes do not count.  Congress proved that they are stone deaf to the need for jobs, housing, medical care, education, and keeping our environment safe.

President Obama needed to step up his game earlier in his term and recognize that he is the Commander in Chief and not Compromiser in Chief.   However, one thing in his favor is the fact that the Republicans said from the very beginning that they wanted him to fail.  I got news for the President; a zebra does not change its stripes.  Those folks meant what they said.  They were not just whistling Dixie.   Getting bills passed is fine, but sacrificing the poor and elderly to do it is not! 
Furthermore, he needs to realize that there are even some Democrats who are more than willing to stab him in his back then let a black man reside in the sacred White House.   We are not living in Post-Racial America just yet.  Nope, in fact, we’re living in Post-Racist America.  You see, everything has to get worse before it gets better because without darkness you cannot see the light!

A terminally ill woman was booted off welfare for winning a back pay settlement.  The amount she was booted off for did not make sense.  It was not like she had struck it rich or was given an amount that she could live off for the rest of her life.  Wouldn’t it have made more sense to temporarily suspend her payments, until the money was spent?
It seems that in various states people are going on shooting sprees.  Well, that’s to be expected when there are no jobs. People get frustrated, stressed out, and become ticking time bombs.  I bet you Congress won’t pass any gun laws though.  Nope, that would be too much like the right thing to do to keep folks safe.  We can’t even expect them to pass laws to keep food, water, and the environment safe from big companies pollution and toxics, so why we would expect them to pass a decent gun law?  Besides the gun folks have lots of money to make sure that they don’t.

I have been thinking that maybe we should start a Poor People’s Party.  Each person could donate a dollar a piece or fifty cents or a widow’s mite to make a difference, since money is the only thing that seems to move Congress to take action and the only way they would consider us as real Americans.  After all there are more poor people than there are rich.  And the poor population is growing in leaps and bounds. Thanks to Congress those dollars and cents would add up real quick.  One way to create jobs would be to fire Congress and start fresh by giving those jobs to the unemployed.  Btw, what ever happened to that guy that said, “The rent is too damn high!”?


Redeye said...

Welcome back Granny! You were missed!

Desertflower said...

Welcome back! Oh Granny, you speak such truth! Why is it that the rich are so greedy? T

It seems their love of money and power exceeds everything else!

I guess it take all kinds...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey Redeye and Desertflowers! Thanks! I missed everyone too.