Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King


Anonymous said...

Granny, just a little off topic

Like that perfect kiss, the pen touches the paper, hoping that in its eloquence, the perfect sentence will be formed; that one sentence that as it resonates in the minds of individuals will either enlightened or changes the minds of those whose eyes are open.
These are the hopes of us who explore the depths of our souls, looking for a truth that will sustain our lives and make others search for theirs; and so with these thoughts in mind, I wonder what is it that we as African-Americans should be looking for? Is it our unification if so, what is the sentence that will bring us together? What is it that will make the African in the East think the same as the African in the West, and the same for the North and South?
Although, we as African-Americans, often complain about the way we are treated by others, the larger question is. How do we treat ourselves (let not this statement be confused with that of Herman Cain, for his message is one of voluntary servitude)? Over time, at some point we must realize the damage we cause each other. There is a type of selfishness and misdirection that keeps interfering with our unification.
To understand life is to love and understand the ones true origin; and fill yourself with the pride of your true heritage; for understanding heritage only means that the land can not belong to you unless you belong to the land. In order for us to survive the soul of Africa must be in us.
There is also a deeper question, do people actually create a country, or does the sense of country really create and shape its people? The land and the history of the land and the history of the land is what gives people pride, it is not the beat of the drum that motivates us. It's the calling that it provides.
Today we are giving our drum away and following a different drum. The drum a of selfishness.
We as African-Americans, are without leadership and the understanding of true self worth, we have the knowledge and capability of building a bridge from the Americas back to the homeland of Africa to me; this accomplishment must be made for its too late. We must gather the minds of our people and give them a life based in a truth that they can live by.
In order to accomplish this we must seek those that can write, they need to use that gift the feed those wondering minds, those who can't speak need to open up their mouths so that others may hear the truth that lies before them.
With the advent of the Internet, we have been given an opportunity to unify our voices in the most positive manner; the bases of our conversations should not be to antagonize each other, but to bring about a positive discourse that will allow us as a people to learn from each other.

Anonymous said...

Who was this Martin Luther King dude anyway?