Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newt's Southern Strategy

Newt Gingrich has really been showing his good old boy, southern, Georgian roots. Georgia was one of the utmost racist southern states during slavery and Jim Crow. It hasn't changed that much.  I am not surprise and neither should any other black person be at Gingrich’s stereotypical black insults. Gingrich has a white supremacist mentally.
Newt is as crooked as that crooked road in San Francisco and has the morals of pig. Did folks forget how he talked Colin Powell into not running for President that is unless Colin wanted his wife dragged through the mud?

Not to mention, he can’t keep his zipper up when married because those vows, “Til death do us part and in sickness and health” don’t mean a hill of beans to him. If he wasn’t faithful to his ex-wives, he sure won’t be faithful to Americans.

I don’t know about you folks but I get tired of politicians perpetuating stereotypes to win votes. Stereotypes seep into the fabric of public policies and impact minorities in many damaging ways and down the line lead to policies that restrict and limit freedoms of black people.

Gingrich, “I don’t see why calling foodstamps an African American issue is insulting." ~~Think Progress~~

Newt called President Obama the food stamp President, but that's not true.

Btw, Newt, here is a part of the black communities’ collective anatomy part you can kiss.
And for good measure the black community extends you their third finger.

The nominees for the GOP party seems to love using stereotypes in order to impress those with racist and prejudice views, especially if those stereotypes are aimed at black people. Without a doubt, the GOP party is not only the party of no, but it is also the party of divisiveness when it comes to the human race.
The GOP party pushes a white supremacy ideology and all those with racist views love it. Is it fair to say that the majority of whites are racist? Nope!

Are all black Republicans Uncle Toms? Nope, but a good majority of them are. Uncle Tom refers to a black man who cares too much about what white people think about him and modifies his behavior accordingly. He is a white folk’s pleaser and buttocks kisser. In addition, an Uncle Tom goes to great lengths to disparage or block the progress of his own people to earn brownie points with whites.  Uncle Tom has an inferiority complex and it has not sunk in yet that he is equal to whites and not less than.  This man is definitely an Uncle Tom.


Anonymous said...

Granny, "Are all black Republicans Uncle Toms? Nope, but a good majority of them are. Uncle Tom refers to a black man who cares too much about what white people think about him and modifies his behavior accordingly. He is a white folk’s pleaser and buttocks kisser. In addition, an Uncle Tom goes to great lengths to disparage or block the progress of his own people to earn brownie points with whites."

I love your comment and definition of an Uncle Tom, which I agree. Your definition fit most Black Repubs, but it also fits most Black Democrats, esp Obama. These days with the beginning of a new era of Jim Crow, there will be Uncle Toms all over the place. That's because of fear and safety issues for Blacks and their families. It's unfortunate, but true.

I am just glad that I am old enough to not be around when this era goes into full swing.

Carolyn Moon said...

This period also reminds me of the reconstruction period in this country shortly after the civil war.
We had blacks elected to congress and things were beginning to look up and white folks especially in the south couldn't handle it. The repressive segregation laws and KKK violent behaviors towards people of color came like a tsunami. We have a President of Color and America is losing its mind again. Proliferation of hate called moderates and mainstream politicians bowing to these groups and mindset. The beginning of "Jim Crow"...the ending of the second reconstruction period.

I truly hope we're wrong and like you I probably won't be around but I worry for our offspring and future generations!
These conservative and right wing blacks believe they are going to be the exception to the rule.

If this happens and I hope it doesn't they are going to end up in the hull of the ship too; wondering what in the hell happened.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

@Carolyn, you and I are definitely on the same page. It does look like the Reconstruction period. Notice how the stereotype attacks towards blacks are being spouted out by the Republican Candidates. Those southern whites always have felt that black people do not deserve one nickel.

Blacks might have to start separating themselves, building their own businesses, hospitals, etc., and doing business only with their own; basically building their own cities within cities if their line of thinking keeps up.

Black people are tired of being their scapegoat for everything that ails America and the old southern belief that blacks don't deserve to prosper in America and should be kept down with their foot on our necks. We've tried everything else with them to get along, but these folks are difficult to live with because they do not know how to live and let live.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

You are right Granny, just like in the Reconstruction South, America today is a place where black people are artifically raised up and white people are oppressed by the government.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yup, Whitey's Conspiracy, that is what they assume and think.

It's sorta like Ralph Ellison said in his book, we're invisible. They don't see the many successful black people that contribute to this society on a daily basis. To them we're the other and shouldn't be here. Smh.

The South lost the Civil War and has held a grudge ever since because of stubbornness.

Brown Bob Benson said...

Mitt Romney gives a struggling African-American woman $50 dollars on the campaign trail and gets attacked by MSNBC for being a patronizing White racist. Meanwhile, The New York Times attacks Romney for being “the whitest white man to run for president in recent memory.”

Now you know where the Left is coming from.

This is just another illustrative example of liberal America's racial etiquette, where whiteness has become an accusation.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Brown Bob Benson:

Link please? Because far as I know Mitt hasn't been accused of racist, his problem is his belief in plurocracy and classism.

Brown Bob Benson said...

It's people like you who believe in 'classism'; people who want to redistribute wealth, tax the rich, divide the country into taxpayers and tax receivers.

And Mitt has not (yet) been accused of racism; he has been accused of being white, which in today's America is considered a negative.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Brown Bob Benson:

I think you got your people mixed up because it was Reagan and Bush who redistributed the wealth of the taxpayers to the rich.

If being white is a negative, it is because that's what you want to believe. However, if you think that being white is so negative today, I know a bunch of black men that would be glad to change places with you. Would you be willing to change places with them and be black?

rikyrah said...

Granny, this was righteous. thank you