Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney the Job Saver?


Ned said...

OK, Granny, you've convinced me. I'm voting for Romney.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney clearly deserves to be the next President. It's his time. Period.

He has tried for so long that I am sure God will make him President and that won't be so bad. In fact, it will be much better than having Obama in the WH again.

Redeye said...

Poor Mitt...he thinks he deserves to be President because he was born with a silver foot, I mean spoon in his mouth. Snark

Good catch Granny!

Anonymous said...

Redeye, Granny doesn't take to name calling and playing on her blog so knock it off.

Black Diaspora said...

Mitt will say and do just about anything to be president, but tell the truth.

Mitt is unfit.
On his hands he should sit,
And leave the race

He's not alone,
In being wrong
For the Nation's top seat,
Or believing Obama can be beat.

Anonymous said...

BD as a brother I resent the poem you wrote. Mitt is fit and he is not wrong. Obama has been wrong since he was elected. He has not kept his word about "change" and furthermore he has ignore us more than any other President in the history of America. What an insult to the AAs! Mitt would never mistreat or insult us in such a manner.

Anonymous said...

Granny, Fyi: Tomorrow is MLK day!