Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arianna Huffington is so full of dung.  She had the nerve to say that President Obama’s ad depicting that he got Osama Ben Laden was despicable.  Arianna is so full of dung.  Other Presidents can list their accomplishments, but I guess in her book a BLACK President is not supposed to list his.  That’s strange coming from a woman that sounds like she has a mouth full of snuff every time she opens up her mouth speaking Greek vernacular.  I’m just saying.   
Allen West has really been showing his black behind lately.   He should be a no-no on people’s guest list because he doesn’t know how to act and likes to badmouth the guest.   Well…I’m not surprise.  He is crazier than a road lizard. 
West is not alone though.  Nope!  Practically the majority of the rightwing folk’s elevator is stuck on the thirteenth floor.  Take Joe Welsh for instance.  The rightwing folks have used the race card so much, until it’s maxed out.   I mean come on folks.  We hear these types of outbursts from them all the time and regularly now.  The GOP has gotten so bold with them, until the people have become immune and expect it out of them.  Let them get it all off their chest.
Now, this story here tops the cake.  The one regarding Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage.  Apparently, that’s a problem for GOP Rep Scott Brown.  You cannot get any more American than Native American.  They are about as real American and Americans can get!  Okay, so is Brown is implying that she is not European white enough and therefore, not acceptable for the position?  Talk about color arousal issues, the GOP really has some color arousal issues. 
The GOP party is not the only ones having 1950s nostalgia.  Nope, a UK company is having a little bit of its own brand of nostalgia—African Americans like Diana Ross with Afros used as Brillo pads.  So, next we’ll be seeing them create black dolls shackled in chains or picking cotton?  Some of you white folks have a sadistic, sick sense of humor.
I swear Florida has some very sick people living there.  These two people here got drunk and acted like their seven year old granddaughter was a U-Haul trailer attached to their SUV. This is too sick to repeat.  I hope they lock them up and throw away the key. 


Roger Wolfchaser said...

Granny you've got it wrong about Scott Brown. The issue with Elizabeth Warren is not that she is not "white" enough, it was that the she used a possible distant ancestor who may have been Native American to claim minority status for her faculty position at Harvard.

She is a rich white woman; she should not be seeking special privileges as a "minority".

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Roger, did you understand that women were minorities too under the Civil Rights Bill? Therefore, she is a double minority and was well within her rights to claim minority status. Most people when they hear minority they think black or other people of color. However, women were included in that equation. How do I know because I worked for Office for Civil Rights. The Civil Rights Bill was not just for black people, it was for women and all people of color.

Fred S. said...

Arianna Huffington is so full of dung. She had the nerve to say that President Obama’s ad depicting that he got Osama Ben Laden was despicable

I agree with you that Arianna Huffington is "full of dung", but she happens to be right about Obama's repeatedly spiking the football over the Seals killing bin Laden.

Obama did not "get him". The Seals did, as part of a coordinated military effort that had been going on for years. Obama did not even make the final "gutsy call". That was left to Admiral McRaven. If the mission had gone poorly, you can be sure that McRaven would have been thrown under the bus by Obama. That's the definition of the guy making the gutsy call.

I am glad we got bin Laden, and I am proud of my country and its President for pulling this off. But it is embarasing to see him strut around and act like it was all his doing. In Ms. Huffington's words, it is "pathetic and despicable".

Real heroes don't brag. Obama is no hero.

Roger Wolfchaser said...

"The Civil Rights Bill was not just for black people, it was for women and all people of color."

Well, it should have been just for black people, because no one suffered anything like what black people suffered.

Women are not a minority; they are 51% of the population. They are 60% of the college population.

And the point was that Elizabeth Warren was not claiming minority status as a woman, but as a Native American, which was false.

Anyway, your statement about her not being "white enough" was a misreading of the facts. I guess she is woman "enough" :)

Anonymous said...

My dear Granny, i viewed all the links in your post and i must say that you have exaggerated them all! Also, you got the Elisabeth Warren/Scott Brown story 'completely' wrong.

Huffington was not full of dung. She was being 'honest' like she always has been. What would you have her do, lie to please you? I am Black, and I agree Arianna that Obama should not be using death and killing of OBL in such an ad, esp with all the killing going on in our own communities. Which he has done nothing about.

Finally, I thank Arianna for the Huffington Post.

Anonymous said...

dear granny, I keep posting comments but you keep deleting them. Why? I have not said anything wrong. I get so tired of being rejected because I am Black and old. But Why? I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Roger Wolfchaser, thank you for being clear and honest. It's refreshing.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

President Obama is the Commander in Chief, he had to give the order in order for them to get Osama. I swear, when Bush got Sadaam who by the way was not who he was supposed to go after in the first, we didn't hear this dung. Therefore, I'm not hearing it now.

Btw, according to the Civil Rights Bill, women were considered the minorities. I didn't make those laws, so take it up with Congress.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Half of my family is black, half is white, and I'm old as well, so rejecting you because of those two things would mean that I reject myself and my own flesh and blood.

Well...let me put it this way, I think you need to go back to the drawing board and come up with another story. That one don't work over here on granny's blog.

Am I racist, nope, that don't fly either because then I would have to hate the other half of my family, which I do not. Nor do I hate other races because our family reunions look like a United Nations meeting, that's how diverse it is.

But now, do I like racist people or have any respect for them, No! But I don't hate them. I feel sorry for them because that hate is eating them up on the inside and destroying them physically. Besides which, anyone, white, black, hispanic, or Asian whose ancestors were here during antebellum times is related somewhere down the line. The reason I have no respect for racist is because they would kill their own flesh and blood and that is not a good thing "that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way"(KJV).

Anonymous said...

Granny, thanks for responding to my comment. I know you hate anons and hardly any of their posts make it on your comment section.

It's not important that your family looks like the United Nations. That doesn't prove you are unbiased. Many racists hate Blacks but often say, "I got nothing against Blacks. Some of my best friends are black!"

By your logic and reason the Reps aren't racist because they have Blacks in their family. But we all know they are racist and certainly are willing to go to any lengths to get Obama out of the WH simply because he is Black.

Anonymous said...

granny, "But now, do I like racist people or have any respect for them, No! But I don't hate them. I feel sorry for them because that hate is eating them up on the inside and destroying them physically."

David Duke looks healthy to me. GOP Reps and Senators look fine and full of energy. It looks like the American voters will be voting for them. I am not sure who you are talking about.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous, I understand what you're saying. I totally agree with you that the Reps want President Obama out the WH because he is Black.

However, I'm speaking for myself and I 'm sincere about what I said. I'm not speaking for others because I cannot do that. I'm not a person that hates people because of their skin color, it's their persona and racist beliefs that I dislike. Hate is poisonous to the body and mind and a waste of energy.

I am well aware that some folks can have blacks in their family and be racist. There are few in my family that are like that. Some of them don't even want people to know that they even have blacks in their family and vice versa. It works both ways to be truthfully honest.

But not all of them are like that and feel that way. People are people and it depends on what is in their heart on how they think and look at life.

Btw, NO, I do not hate anonymous and I let what they say post. The only comments I do not let go through are those post that have been vulgar and had racist name calling or disparaging towards the First Lady.

Sometimes Google wouldn't let my comments go through or let me sign into my account. That's why I want to switch over to another blog forum. I've had a lot of problems with google. I have had to delete my blog before and start it over again because people could sign in and it would take them over to another web site for profit. My blog would disappear and all sorts of wierd stuff. I'm not making this stuff up.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

People can look healthy on the outside and be sick on the inside. I bet no one thought that Breithart was sick either. Btw, don't count the chickens before they hatch.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Btw, people can also be sick in their mind. When the head is sick the whole body is sick!

Anonymous said...

Granny, my spiritual teacher told me a long time ago, that all humans are sick 'inside'. One can look at the history of humanity and it becomes painfully obvious.

Pride, angrer, lust, greed, gluttony, jealousy, and laziness are the 7 deadly sins of humans. All are sick with it, but some are sicker than others.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous, I agree with parts of your comments. Where I disagree is not all humans are sick inside, but a good majority of them are.

And those 7 deadly are what's destroying our country. Many people are blind and can't see that we're living in the last days.

Canaan said...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...
Anonymous, I agree with parts of your comments. Where I disagree is not all humans are sick inside, but a good majority of them are.


That is why we need to get away from the Devil's ideology - Liberalism, and get back to being a God-fearing country.

Lord help us Granny, Lord help us.