Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mitt Romney the Plastic Puppet

Have you  noticed how people watching a tennis match, head constantly turns left to right and right to left following the tennis ball as it goes back and forth between the players?  Well, that's how I feel whenever I hear Mitt Romney tell Americans where he stands on issues.  Because the problem is he changes where he stands on issues like the weather and lies. 
Romney has a habit of being indecisive when it comes to where he stands.  And there is a little war button in the Oval Office that I don't think I'd want to trust him with because he is too fickle. In addition, he's just a little too anxious to go to war with certain foreign countries and views war as an opportunity.  Well, war is not an opportunity.  It is filled with blood shed and is unfortunate because young people lose their lives, limbs, and minds!
For Romney to have been a successful business man, he sure does have a  problem with basic Arithmetic.  Because last time I did a math problem, if you subtract 47 from 100, it leaves 53, NOT 100.  I understand that the methods in doing math have changed somewhat, but the answers to the problems haven't.  The answers still remain the same.  Maybe, Mitt means that the Republican Party intends to scrub 47% from the voter registration list.  Sorta has me wondering if he was one of those students that paid someone to do his schoolwork.  How can we trust him?  We know without a doubt that he has a habit of stretching the truth a mile long. 
Don't be fooled by his sudden revised 47% story to 100%.  Romney wants to bring in a serfdom system!  He wants to model Americas' labor force after China. With Romney it's about spreadsheets and accountant ledgers and the profits.  He does not care about all Americans having affordable health care, or food on the table, or shelter.  Romney is strictly about profits and profits only.  He cannot relate to an average ordinary citizen because he has been catered to and waited on all his life.  I doubt if he wipes his own ass. 

I don't care how  Republicans try to rig the vote with voter suppression. President Barack Obama will be re-elected!  There are still many seniors,  in the black community that were delivered by midwifes, especially in rural areas due to poverty and Jim Crow.  For most of them, the census, bible, and church records serve as their birth certificate.  Before the Civil Rights Movement, hospitals did not exactly have an open arms policy towards minorities in the south or north and denied blacks admission.  Many blacks used home remedies for whatever ailed them.
It is important that we help get those people registered to vote.  What you can do to help:
Provide transportation to those who have none.
Get the word out that it is important that they vote because much is at stake.
Make sure you vote. 



stanchaz said...

47% 100% Flip, flop, flip....
Hey... I KNEW that this poor rich guy was out of touch,
but now.... I think he’s just touched.
What does our country owe its people?
What do our people owe our country?
What do we ...we the people....owe to each other? part of a society called America?
Are we in the jungle, or are we a community?
Romney and Company has an answer.
And it ain’t pretty.
They smirk ...and smile ...and say to us:
TO HELL with all those “moochers” and “free-loaders”
receiving Medicare, or Veterans Benefits, or Pell Grants,
or Earned Income & Child Tax Credits, or Head Start, or Social Security,
or Unemployment, or Medicaid, or Food Stamps, or on Disability,
Romney says TO HELL with all of us that are struggling to stay afloat,
to those in the Middle-class, and to those hoping to get there.
Romney says TO HELL with the hungry, the homeless, the helpless,
and the hopeless ...and to all the biblical “least of these”.
Does he even know the Christian New Testament?
Love thy neighbor? Mitt, you may pay a to the to your religion,
but’s it’s all too obvious that you’ve neglected to tithe your heart and mind.
Romney says TO HELL with the “47% of America” -- the “losers”
that Romney so easily dismisses and disrespects as “dependents”.
Romney wines and complains... INCREDIBLY
...that we’re shamelessly sponging off of him,
and off of all of his poor-poor-poor super-rich friends
.....all those super-rich folks who want to BUY this ELECTION,
.....all those super-rich folks who want to BUY this COUNTRY.
Trickle-down economics? Hey sure, why not- let them eat cake.
It’s all the same. Always has been.
It’s crumbs for us, and Cadillacs and car elevators, and loopholes & lower taxes for them.
That is, if they, AND the bailed-out banks,
AND the big corporations pay ANY taxes at all....
When THEY get a break- they deserve it.
But if YOU get a break, it’s a handout. BULL!
Tell me - who are the REAL “takers”, who are the REAL creators,
who are the TRUE workers and builders? Who are the REAL “victims” here?
Who’s in the Cayman Islands trying to avoid taxes, and deducting his trick horses?
Who gave their LIVES and limbs unpaid and un-needed wars?
Whose sweat, .....on whose brows, has BUILT this great country?
Was it the Romney’s of this world ...or us?
But we still have a voice. It’s called our VOTE.
Loud and Clear -- Just say NO.
Say NO to Romney & Company ...and what they stand for.
This is STILL our country. Our children’s country.
And we mean to KEEP it that way. Period.
Romney should “self-deport” himself back to Mexico,
where his grandpa fled to avoid US marriage monogamy laws.
‘Cause Prince Mitt not only wants to kill the Dream Act,
but the American Dream as well.
We need a President for ALL the people.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen stanchaz!

Obama/Biden 2012

Black Diaspora said...

Granny, as you know, Romney lies a great deal.

Here's what you may not know: You can tell when Romney's lying, because when he does, he stutters.

Now I know that stuttering can create some awkward social moments, and is fraught with anxiety, so I don't want to make light of it, but I would be remiss not to point out his little idiosyncrasy, as it's an amazing tell, and the reason he should never play poker, and, if he does, to keep his mouth shut.

Robin Miller said...

Great pic of puppet Romney! Now where is Obama's? Don't get caught up in the 'struggle' between our political parties. The puppeteers behind the scenes are rubbing their hands together in anticipation!

Black Diaspora said...

"The puppeteers behind the scenes are rubbing their hands together in anticipation!"

True, but the "puppeteers" on the Left aren't calling for a repeal of ObamaCare, or the reinstatement of DADT, or the continued support of DOMA, or a Constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriages, or an extension of the war in Afghanistan beyond 2014, or the voucherization of Medicare, or the privatization of Social Security, or deep cuts to Medicaid, or the suppression of the vote, or the dismantling of Unions, or more tax breaks for the 1%, the 5%, and the 10%, or the use of transvaginal and transadominal ultrasounds to discourage a woman's constitutional right to an abortion, or the pursuit of Personhood legislation, or the defunding of Planned Parenthood, or a repeal of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, or reducing funding to the foodstamps program, essentially ending its stated mission, or increasing the Pentagon's budget trillions more, and so on, ad infinitum.

I'll take the "puppeteers" on the Left any day to those on the Right.

Carolyn Moon said...

Hi Granny,
I trust you are well. My husband and I voted for President Obama, this past Friday. An "Obamaholic", I'm not, however, he's the better choice of the two. I've read many blogs/articles by the left and moderate forces as well as some right wing websites. Always, keep up with what your known protagonists are doing. Those who are naysayers can't provide a better way for dealing with these complicated times and issues. If I did a fill-in or voted for a 'green candidate' as far as I'm concerned I've voted for Romney.

I stand as someone whose allegiance is to ordinary people with bread and butter issues which requires a more compassionate administration and advocacy for the many groups that are in Romney's 47%.

That's my truth. Peace and blessings to you.

Francis L. Holland said...

I thank God and Obama's team that Romney didn't win!


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