Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HLN Court TV Treats Trayvon Martin's Death Like A Joke

As I watched HLN broadcast the trial of George Zimmerman it occurred to me that the folks over at HLN must think that the death of a black child is a joke.  It troubles me that the trial of George Zimmerman appears to be a game show and the prize is TV ratings on HLN.  

Zimmerman's racist friend Frank Taafe stars as one of their TV panel guests.  The rules of the game are to let Taafe disrespect,  interrupt and drown out anyone on the panel who points out Zimmerman's lies or sheds any unfavorable light on Taafe's buddy.  These rules even apply to those who call in.  The rules are rigged in Taafe's favor who gets to say whatever he pleases, while the other guests are disrespected. 

The whole trial ordeal has been a display of disrespect and insensitivity towards the memory of Trayvon, his grieving parents, and friends.  It mirrors in some ways back in the day when Black males were lynched. When they hung a Black male the lynch mobs celebrated, took pictures next to the dead body, cut off pieces of the body to keep as souvenirs. They desecrated Black males' dead body and disrespected their family and friends. 

Trayvon's body has been dehumanized and desecrated.  The cruelty of some has been sick, disgusting and pathetic who posted pictures of his dead body Photoshop with no thought or concern for the grief of his parents or friends.  The death of a child is not a joke or funny in no shape, form, or fashion. Regardless, of color, creed, nationality, etc.  Children are our future, but some folks don't seem to get that.  

Btw, Don West's daughter Molly West shouldn't be so quick to act like she is all that and a bag of chips.  Molly, did you show your daddy that picture of what else you love to lick?   Molly is definitely not camera shy with her licking and  loves to lick on more than ice cream in front of an audience.  No telling where Molly's tongue has been. 

Bye for now, I got to disinfect my  computer screen.  


spirit_55 said...

Granny, I refuse to watch HLN and the rest of these cable networkswho want to play judge and jury. I watch the live-feed of the trial and form my own opinions, from what's being presented.

LOL at what else Molly West's been LICKIN' Don West and his daughters are nothing but white trash. Money and nice clothes will nver change that.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I might have to start watching live-feed. Usually, when I am watching it though I am in my bed.

I saw that picture of Molly licking with my own two eyes. She wasn't licking ice cream either. Molly is nasty is all I can say.

rikyrah said...

I can't watch HLN. Was warned about by folks like you. I'd break the tv.

They want to dance around the fact that Trayvon was


for the crime of Walking While Black.

they will try and do anything to avoid that.

spirit_55 said...






Redeye said...

My sentiments exactly Granny! HLN is a Fox and Friends wanna be.