Sunday, November 6, 2011

Free DNA Test for Ancestry

For those interested in genealogy.  I thought you might be interested in this offer.

FREE access to 23andMe's service (valued at $399)

This research initiative presents a tremendous opportunity for African Americans to learn essential information about themselves, their families, and their ancestry."

The test is free of charge if you or any of your family members wishes to take the test for ancestry information. Please share with others.

Hurry, they're only accepting 10,000 applicants.


Anonymous said...

Why should I trust it and what difference does it make, anyway? It won't change a thing except change $400 from me to them.

Granny, in case you didn't know it, these are hard times and we need food, clothing, medicine and shelters before we need this. Setting priorities today in the black community is vital. Let's not get our priorities mixed up.

Kandake CimCiptivan said...


Anyway, Granny this is just grand. I will give this a try.

Sir Loin said...

Klambake CiMinivan said...

Anyway, Granny this is just grand. I will give this a try.

You think it might help you find out who your daddy was?

What if it turns out to be Herman Cain? If your momma ever worked in a restaurant, it sounds like you have a pretty chance of being Klambake Cain.

Anonymous said...

Kandake, "SHUT UP TROLL!"

Brother, why must you call me names because you disagree with me? I am not a troll, and I still love and respect you as an AA. I hope someday we can ALL accept who we are without calling each other names. smh

Q-Tip Jones said...

Hey Klambake, any results yet? Are you the spawn of Cain? The more we hear, the more likely it is getting.

And remember to swab your MOUTH this time, it's not a pap smear.