Monday, November 14, 2011

When the Cats Back Is Turned, the Rat Will Play

I haven't been blogging much lately because of the weather. Y'all know I'm like a bear in a sense and I tend to hibernate during cold weather. Me and cold weather do not agree.

Not one, but FOUR different women accused your husband of inappropriate sexual behavior, and I hate to be the carrier of bad news, but lady, your husband cheated on you.

Herman Cain is hoping that this problem will go away before his wife finds out and faces the truth.  However, it's not!  Nope!  I understand how painful a situation like this can be for a woman who has spent 40 something years of her life with a man and later on find out that he wasn't  faithful.

That can be a devastating situation.  In some cases it could turn out to be an Al Green or Madea moment depending on the women and how she reacts to it.  Herman better hope Gloria don't have no hot grits on the stove when she finds out the truth.  Sometimes the calm comes just before the storm. I'm just saying!

Nevertheless, the sad part about this whole scenario is that her husband is deceiving her and it is going to hurt her more when she discovers that.  What's even sadder is that she probably already suspects that he is lying, but does not want to believe it.  It would hurt too much.  She wants to continue to believe that he loves her too much to cheat on her or lie to her.  I won't say that he does not love her. In fact, I'm sure he does.  However, that does not stop him from being a womanizer behind her back, especially if he has been getting away with it for forty something years.

"The bad news for Mrs. Cain was seen with Herman’s “Princess Nancy” slap, revealing his feelings toward women are very, well, let’s just say complicated. His wife is likely his Madonna. All other women are, well, not whores, but more like fair game, as long as he doesn’t get caught." ~~Marsha Taylor~~

I agree with Taylor because that is a fact of life.  Sometimes the hunter gets captured by the game. And in this case the game has Cain cornered with no way out.  The longer it takes for him to come clean, the worser the whole ordeal is going to get. 

I sincerely feel sorry for Gloria Cain and any other woman or man that has a cheating spouse. And I pray that she is strong enough in her faith that she has the strength to get through it. Because when the truth comes to the light, she is definitely going to need a rock to lean on.

As for Herman, he is more than likely wishing that he could turn back the hands of time. If he was innocent, his lawyer wouldn't have sent out threats to the other women that might have came forth as well.   He might temporarily have his wife fooled for now, but he does not have people on the outside looking in fooled.

Looks like Cain has some more problems as well with those Tea Party folks.  Adam blamed Eve, and I wonder who Cain will blame now?


msladydeborah said...


I don't know if he did or didn't hit on other women. That's really a situation that Gloria will have to deal with if it turns out there enough evidence to support the claim.

I find him to be an intellectual light weight. I have thought that about Cain long before the latest video emerged showing his response on Libya. That is a matter of fact that he cannot subcontract out.

Redeye said...

"He might temporarily have his wife fooled for now, but he does not have people on the outside looking in fooled."

As the young people say Word.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I agree Cain is definitely a lightweight intellectual and he is also brought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. They do not care about his intellect because he would serve their purpose as a figurehead while they run the country.

But my heart really goes out to Gloria Cain.



GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous, for the 100th time, I do not live in Oakland, and I don't know why you keep insisting that I do. I live cities away from Oakland. Notice that I said cities and not city.

Another thing, I know when my body feels cold because I feel it in my bones. In addition, I know the difference between hot and cold weather too. Our weather is always different from Oakland. It can be hot in Oakland and raining here. One more thing, I am not obligated to blog. In other words, I'm free, black, and I've passed the age of twenty one more than once and my own self boss.

Anonymous said...

Granny, which comment are you referring to?

Carolyn Moon said...

I totally agree with you and expressed some of that on FN and of course one of the anons. got quite upset about it.

I saw that interview of Mrs. Cain and she didn't seem confident about her husband's ability to be a good President. You don't have to live through something like that to understand the body language and her verbal responses to that question not to mention the facial and the affected eye movements. My heart is with Mrs. Cain too and I trust that her faith and family/friends' support will get her through the implications and consequences of this trying time.

Love Boat said...

You are just jealous of Gloria, Granny.

You wish you were gettin' that Sugar Cain.

rikyrah said...

he can't keep his hands off of White women at work. Gloria shouldn't have gone on tv....

Desertflower said...

She seems like such a nice woman! He's really lucky to have her, but when she realizes that maybe he does have a "split personality" watch out Cain! LOL