Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Day In the Life Of America

With so much confusion and chaos going on in the world today, especially, right here in good ole America. Sometimes you just want to take a break and get away from all of the negativity that you hear on a daily basis from MSM over which you have no control. People need some form of escapism to maintain their sanity and peace of mind. Reading a book is a form of escapism and relaxation rolled up in one in which people can sometimes benefit a little knowledge or enlightenment but that all depends on what the author has to offer in those departments.

With so much mess going on including me scratching my head and wondering what in the world is our President thinking going on Fox We Make It Up News. That is like sleeping with the enemy in my opinion. Roger Ailes and "The Family" as Ailes refers to them mean the President no good and are out to undermine him in every single thing he does. In addition, they are strong believers in editing and doctoring a tape until even the person that was interviewed does not recognize it. In other words, you do not go into the Devil's den expecting any fair and balanced treatment because that is not about to happen at Fox We Make It Up News. Mr. President I guess next you'll go to a white supremacist meeting to try and change their minds about their unhealthy obsession with skin color.

Then there are the issues concerning schools that does not set too well with me. There is one school in particular in Rhode Island I was reading about that really caught my eye. In addition, what bothers me the most is that the President supposedly supports extreme measures in accountability of the schools. However, I am hoping that what the President considers extreme measures is not firing all of the teachers while America is still dealing with a high unemployment rate. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Why not instead stop making teachers teach students to pass test and let them go back to teaching subjects that will help them to do some critical thinking or balance a budget, etc.? Why is all of the blame being placed on the teachers when their hands were tied? I admit that some teachers are not worth two dead flies but it is not exactly all of the teacher's fault if we are to be fair.

Okay, then there is the matter of some of those folks up on Capitol Hill who have gone wild. It wouldn't hurt to make one of those "Congresspeople Gone Wild" tapes. Believe you me, they could make a series out of it the way folks up on Capitol Hill are cutting up and acting outrageous here,lately, especially those folks on the right. I know that sometimes desperate people result to desperate measures but they've given the word desperate a new meaning.

Reading a book is one of the best forms of escapism from all the madness going on around us. Therefore, I am recommending two books to read as a form of escapism to anyone who feels like getting away from it all. I haven't read either one of them to be honest with you and just got both of them in the mail today. However, my instincts tell me that "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In the Age of Colorblindness" by Michelle Alexander is going to be a good read. The book came out January 2010 and sold completely out. Every bookstore in America, Canada, and online, including the publisher of the book is out and has it on backorder. I lucked up and found a radical bookstore that specializes in radical books and was able to get it and for a discount of $22. The book sells for $27.95. Someone on Amazon was selling the book for $999.99 dollars. Can you believe that? The other book is "Brainwashed: Challenging the Black Inferiority Myth", which so far is interesting and might be a pretty good read as well. If those two books don't work for you, you can always try a game of Solitary. *sigh*


Blinders Off said...


Reading a book is a good escape from the madness of the world. I am in the process of buying Todd Bridges book "Killing Willis". I think the book will be a good read and I want to pass it on to my nephew after I read it.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey Blinders:

I pray that all is well with you. Yes, reading is a good escape from the madness, so I am reading "Brainwashed" by Tom Burrell.

Someone had highjacked my blog and I couldn't transfer my followers over to this blog because it wouldn't let me do it. I haven't been online much the last couple of weeks because we had a death in the family. Nevertheless, all is well and I miss everyone.

finefroghair said...

hey granny you hit the nail,they hog tie the teachers with their silly testing procedures ad then moan when the students don't measure up when I was in school the teachers taught us their way tested us with there own tests and were confident that we could then do well on a standardized test we were given the tools of critical thinking and sent on our way oh the lost art of reading a book it is pretty obvious I read all the time and have for decades but I am an exception amongst my friends most people do not and I dare say can not read a book their attention spans are too short it much easier to watcha movie well anyway hope you enjoy your book.